20 years anniversary

The anniversary speaks for itself. To celebrate this event we will meet for dinner in the Rooftop Bar “Uptown” in Aachen – a famous Skylounge and Restaurant which, as the Name suggests, is situated above (most) of the roofs of Aachen. At this point we would not like to withhold the fantastic view.

New housemate

Since lately Planquadrat has a new housemate: Bruno. Although he does not form part of our team, but lives with his master above our studio, we are happy to have him with us and are proud that he reliably fulfils his task as a watch-dog.

New colleague

Planquadrat is pleased to present a new team member to you. We have known Fred for more or less half a year and got to know and appreciate him as a lively, interested and highly motivated colleague. Fred’s main tasks include collecting and carefully hiding the nuts laid out by us. Furthermore he takes great pleasure in interrupting his work from time to time to rather watch us work. As Fred will rarely come around during the coming winter months, we thank him for the welcome change and say “Cheers” – see you next spring!

Welcome to Planquadrat